Chambre Jaune (The Yellow Room)

A very large double bedroom with built ins over looking the tennis court. This room is suitable for a couple, or a couple with a small child. There is a double bed and a small single bed, a desk and a dresser. This room is 30 m2 in size.


Chambre Bleue (The Blue Room)

A charming room with a  Moroccan touch. The queen bed is framed by a rendered blue bedhead. This room also has large built ins and a desk. The afternoon sun streams in the windows which overlook the tennis court. This room is 30 m2 in size



Salle De Bain (The Bathroom)

The enormous bathroom on the western side has a freestanding bath, double sinks and separate shower and services the bedrooms on the western side of the house. This room is 25 m2 in size



Chambre Marron (The Brown Room)

A luxury queen size bed framed by a chocolate brown rendered bedhead. There are two single beds, a desk and built in wardrobes. This room overlooks the magnificent gumtrees boarding the southern side of the property and the swimming pool. This room is 30 m2 in size



Chambre du Maitre (Master Suite)

A magnificent master bedroom with a king size bed overlooking the entire Bellmore Farm. The picture window allows the guest to see the horses grazing in the paddocks from the moment they open their eyes and the frosts roll in during the winter months. A luxurious space resting over 100 m2 in size. It is the perfect quarter for a bride and her bridesmaids to gather and prepare for a wedding. An indulgence of space like no other that leaves the mind feeling liberated and calm.

The dressing room is open plan and adjoins the bathroom. The bathroom is decorated in large travertine sandstone tiles from floor to ceiling giving it everlasting elegance. The freestanding bath is positioned right at the window to catch the morning sun streaming in creating the ultimate indulgence made even more special when a kangaroo stops by to nibble on fresh grass…

Chambre Verte (Green Bedroom)

Overlooking the yellow rose garden, vegetable patch and chicken coop located behind Bellmore, this is a wonderful room. A double bed with a  single bed incase a child wants to stay with their parents set over an area of 30 m2. There is a bookshelf and large built in wardrobes.


Studio Lavande (Lavander Studio)

This quarter of the house owes its name to the exquisite purple lavender that makes Bellmore feel like it is wrapped in majestic purple ribbon when the lavender is in full bloom. There are two large bedrooms, which share an adjoining ensuite bathroom. This area also has a separate hallway and entrance  to the central courtyard and the house itself. A very special space tiled in handmade French tiles through out. Both bedrooms have builtins and loads of space. One room has a queen bed and the other has a king bed. The queen bedroom looks onto the yellow rose garden from the ground floor through a picture window framed by old Chinese doors.

The Dortoir (Dormitory)

The dorm is without a doubt childhood heaven. An enormous room with ten beds lined up, one of which is a racing car bed, makes the perfect environment for kids to stay together and talk all night! The open plan nature of the room means parents can keep one ear on what is happening in case they get a little over excited.



Billiard Room

Entertainment at its best. A large red felt three quarter size billiard table lives in this room. There is also a large open plan fire place, a card table with chairs for all the card sharks out there and the old turn table record player to really get you in the mood. Some very special nights have been had in this room playing Kelly Pool till all ours listening to the songs we grew up with. The crackle of the needle on the album is soothing and home spun and takes anyone born before the information age back in time.

Hall d’entrée

An incredible space that needs to be seen to be believed. The grand staircase meets  in the middle framed by the two enormous stone open fire places on either side. The wow factor of the entrance hall and makes walking into Bellmore a dream come true.



Salon (Living Room)

Sit down in the largest olive green couch ever! The living room is a cosy space located next to the main dining area and just off the kitchen where guests settle in for the night in front of the grand fireplace with a good red wine, a book or just great company. This is one of the most popular spots of the house, watching the activities of the house go by while enjoying the warmth of the fire.


Salle a Manger (Dining Room)

Located next to the living area there is a very large dining table made by the owner himself. The table is large enough to seat at least twenty people and a few more if everybody squeezes up on the bench seats. A simple but effective set up that encourages family feasts and socializing.



Cuisine (The Kitchen)

A well-designed area with all the features a good kitchen requires to cook up a storm. Ample bench space, a double oven (one and a half ), dishwasher, double sink, two fridges, pots and pans, baking tins, muffin tins, coffee machine, microwave, slushi maker, serving dishes and much more. The owners have one cupboard that is filled with basic cooking needs guests are welcome to use if they find they are short the odd ingredient.



A sparkling, blue plunge pool is the perfect place to cool off in the summer months. Big enough for kids to dive and swim and play Marco Polo set in an intimate space to just dangle you legs with a gin and tonic in hand and cool down. The pool is not heated and so swimming in the winter months is unlikely.


Tennis Court

Set ideally on the southern side of the house. Guests can look on at others playing from the verandah sipping a beer in the sun. There are a few cracks so if you can play on this court you are an excellent player. Ther is also a practice wall.



Blanchisserie (Laundry)

Another large and practical area located next to the kitchen. A dryer, a front loading washing machine, a laundry tub, large bench space, deep freeze and drizabones and gumboots for guests.

Chicken Coop

Our four fat hens will lay you delicious eggs daily. They love your scraps ( no large peels please or egg shells or they will start pecking each other) and are allowed out during the day to scratch around the garden. Please be diligent about putting them back in at night so the fox doesn’t get them. They will put themselves to bed you just have to secure the gate.



Veggie Patch

More like a strawberry patch these days with the odd herb amongst the strawberries. Plenty of rosemary for roast lamb and oregano for pizza though.

Floor Plans